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Pre and Post Stream Media



It's common for a live event to have some type of media display before and after the show. If a show begins at 5pm, you'll likely want control over the event window for early visitors rather than a black screen that is ominously waiting to activate at start time. This can be particularly handy if your event is starting late!


First, navigate within the Showbuilder to the Showboard, and expanding the Showboard will bring up the Pre-Stream and Post-Stream media.  Pre-stream will be on the very left of the Showboard, and Post Stream will be on the very right.



For each location, you have the ability to upload a video file, or an image with an optional audio file to accompany it.


After your chosen file has finished uploading, clicking on the preview will expand into a modal with additional options surrounding your selection.


When uploading an image file, you can scale the image file in size, and select an audio file from your computer to accompany it.  The audio file you select will loop for the amount of time you set the Pre-Stream or Post-Stream media to run.  


For Pre-Stream media, Click on the Start time dropdown list to select the amount of time you want the Pre-Stream media to run for.  You can select it to start 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes before your event.


With Images set as Pre-Stream Media, you can also set a countdown timer to it, which will show a stopwatch image with a countdown in the middle of the screen, overlaying the media.  You can set the countdown to start 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes, or 1 minute before your event.


You also have the option to have a background color for your image, or set your background color to a transparent image that you upload.  Once you have set your Pre-Stream media settings, you can click away from the pop-up to save these settings.


With Post-Stream media, you can also set it up once it has been uploaded.


When uploading a video to either the Pre-Stream or Post Stream media, you'll be given the tab option to loop that video, or to just let it run once. 


With the loop option, you can then select the dropdown to have the video loop for 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes after your Greenroom show has ended.  If you select a photo to use for Post-Stream Media, you can accompany it with an audio file, that can then be looped for the same amount of minute increments.


Once Pre-Stream and Post Stream media have been set up, there is no need to activate them.  The Pre-Stream media will automatically start at the time you set it to before your event, and the Post-Stream media will start right as you click the "End show" button to stop your stream.



Make sure to setup your Pre-Stream media in a timely fashion, as you'll be locked out of adjustments if they are too close to your selected run time.