How to: Enable Greenroom Titles

Using titles in Greenroom is a great, easy way to make sure everyone knows who your presenters are while promoting themselves or their companies.

Titles in Greenroom allow users to add someone's name, title and/or location to share on a layout or shot. In this article, we'll show you the steps it takes to design your titles and to turn them on.



Step 1: Design Your Titles (aka Lower Thirds)

  1. Navigate to the "Design" tab on the right side of Greenroom, either in Live mode or in Showbuilder. 
  2. In the "Design" tab click on "Titles"
  3. Customize the titles 
  4. Select the desired items to be displayed in the lower thirds. This information is all pulled from a Producer or Presenter's profile settings. Options include: Name, Title, & Location (see screenshot below on the left)


5.  From the dropdown, select the desired lower thirds format. There are 7 options (see screenshot below on the right)

6.  Customize your colors: both font and background colors can be customized (see screenshot below on the left)

7.  Customize the animation, which include timed Dissolve and Move in (see screenshot below on the left)

8.  Once you have selected your preferred design, scroll down to the bottom of the tab to click "Save Changes"

Check out our article the Greenroom customization and styling guide for more title styling options.

Screen_Shot_2021-11-15_at_4.46.58_PM.png. Screen_Shot_2021-11-15_at_4.47.08_PM.png

Step 2: Turn Your Titles On

Just because the titles are designed does not mean that they are toggled on. That said, there are a couple ways to turn on the titles.

Toggle Titles on in Shot Tab

  1. If you're not within Showbuilder, navigate to the Showboard and select a shot
  2. Navigate to the "Shot" tab on the right hand side of Greenroom
  3. Under the thumbnail of the shot, toggle the title on
  4. To the left of the toggle is an "Edit" icon, clicking this redirects back to the "Design" > "Titles" tab where the design can be edited

The toggle on the shot tab can be used during a live Greenroom show. It can also be controlled with the hot key "T". For titles that have animation and have a duration of 5 sec or 10 sec, there is also a play button for the title. This allows the titles to be played again after the initial animation is completed. If the titles toggle is on for a shot that is played in the canvas, the title will fire as the shot goes live.



Toggle Titles On in Showbuilder

  1. Enter Showbuilder
  2. Notice below the Canvas is a "Title" toggle
  3. Turn this toggle on to ensure the titles are turned on for a specific shot, when it goes live
  4. Repeat on any shot that titles need to fire on 

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 4.40.51 PM.png