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Getting Started in Settings

You'll be in the settings tab to modify show level details

The settings tab gets into the details, allowing you to truly customize your greenroom experience. 
You will spend time within the settings panel to configure your visual settings and other show settings prior to rehearsal and a live show. 
All settings save at the room level. So once you set these items they will remain the same even if you leave the room and come back another day.


The invite and presenter functionality lets you control who has access to your Greenroom.
Moderated Questions Room allows you to expand functionality, and bring questions that are selected by a moderator into the room. This is very helpful for larger presentations that may have too many comments to keep up with, and also allows the presenter to stay focused on their content.
Quick Chat allows you to both toggle the ability on and off, as well as customize the options. If you find your team typing the same comments over and over, this can be a great place to improve efficiency behind the scenes.


Tab two within the settings Panel. This section has tons of features, and should not be skipped over for a truly customized video experience.
"Number of Presenters" has click boxes ranging from 1-6. Choosing each of those will display the different layout configurations possible with that number of presenters. Clicking an exact layout will let you preview on the video viewer on the left panel of your screen.
Layout Spacing
Layout spacings allow you control the look and feel of your broadcast by controlling how much space is visible on the sides of each presenter box. 
Each layout's spacing is specific, so make sure you check all the layouts you'll be using in your video before going live. 
Presenter Video Border
Toggling this on will create a small border around each presenters feed. The Inside/Outside toggle controls how that border is placed, whether it be slightly reducing the visible video feed space, or becoming an additional element that keeps the feed intact, without cropping. 
The next toggle, moving to the right controls the thickness of the border. “px” stands for pixel, being the unit of measurement. You’re able to choose between 2 and 32 pixels thickness.
Continuing down, there is a control for the presenter border color. Upon expanding, you’ll find a color slider, as well as a shade picker. The box looking to take numbers will both identify, as well as let you pick out a custom HEX color code. This is a useful tool for implementing brand colors that may already be defined. Consult someone involved in your companies design work to see if they can source a HEX color code to implement here.
Video Corner Rounding
A simple feature allowing the video feed’s corners to be softened.
The spacing toggle allows you to adjust the margins on each side of the presenter video boxes within your layouts. 
Link/Unlink toggle controls wether all the spacing adjust in conjunction, to prevent accidental uneven spacing around your presenter’s feed. 
This is what is shown when no presenter is on screen. A great place to put a logo, or a coming soon style banner. You also get control over the size of that image, as well as any additional color you’d like to drop behind it.
Unlike wallpaper, this will appear while your presenters are on screen (behind your presenter video boxes within your selected layout).
Depending on your configurations, you may or may not have extra space. By default, the background is black but can be assigned either a color, or an image. 
Uploading a file larger than 4MB is unsupported. On a Mac, you can easily scale down your image by opening it with the “Preview” App found on all MacOS computers. Once your photo is open, click File > Export, and choose jpeg as the file type. a slider will appear allowing you to adjust the quality of the image, with an estimate of the export size. 


Toggling on the Visibility section will allow you to identify your speakers “on-stage” with a lower third style information block on the presenter feeds within your selected layout. 

The Style starts with the ability to choose what information is included in the title:  Avatar, (User profile photo), Name, Title, and Location. 
Tip: These can only be displayed if the presenter has correctly filled out their bio, so verify this before incorporating into a show. 
The preview box can be clicked on, displaying 5 possible title configurations. Be aware that all the sections have a different look in relation to the colors and title checkboxes selected, so be sure to experiment with the configurations before going live.
Font and Background colors let you assign custom color schemes to both aspects, respectively. You are able to click the color icon to select from the color wheel, or use a HEX color code that you would like to input. 
Animation allows the titles to appear and disappear with some transition rather than showing up in an instant. Move in makes the title look like it is sliding in from whatever corner is closest to the placement location. Dissolve makes the title slowly appear, become more transparent over time.
Visible for lets you adjust how long the titles remain over the screen. Some events incorporate titles for a short period of time to introduce the speaker, but clear off screen after so.
Position lets you orient the titles into any of the four corners of the presenters video feed.