Greenroom Version 1.2

Media functionality

-Every participant in the Greenroom is now allowed to share a media file into the "Feeds" section simultaneously. The producer now has access to all room media files.

-Video files now have play, pause and seek controls. The space bar also pauses media.

Invite Presenters - Who's online?

-The invite presenters list now features an online status indicator for both presenters and watchers.

-A notification is prompted to the Greenroom when anyone joins.

Notes Tab Improvements

-The old notes tab featured all notes account wide. The notes tab is now specific to that greenroom, with an additional "All Notes" section featured under the account avatar. Notes can be individually pulled into a particular room be accessing a note in the global location.

Email format validation

-Greenroom now checks the formatting of invitees, and reports any issues it detects before an invite is sent.

Additional title options

-Two additional titles designs were added, Avatars were removed as an option.

List view organization

-Greenroom lists are now grouped by upcoming and past events

Modal Scrollbars 

-All modals now have scroll bars.

Updated Share Media Button

-Media share button uses an updated icon style