By leveraging the power of the feeds tab and shot tab, you can easily make real-time changes during live shows as necessary.

Greenroom has the ability to set up your shots in advance using the Showboard, but it's also possible to edit them while live. In this article, we'll show you how to manage Presenter feeds with the Feeds Tab, plus how to edit a live shot.


Feeds Tab Video Overview


Managing Presenter Feeds

The feeds tab will contain all of the video feeds of yourself and fellow Presenters and Producers.
An individual’s Presenter feed will display their first and last name, as well as some small settings options, signified by two vertical dots. These two dots are microphone and video on/off toggles. You can mute/unmute the mic and turn on/off the camera for each Presenter individually, at any time.
To look at your presenters connection speed, you can click the question mark in the lower right corner, and select "Troubleshoot Video Connection," which will show each presenters video transfer speed, frame rate, and resolution, as an overlay in their thumbnail. Click "Troubleshoot Video Connection" again to remove the Thumbnail overlay.

How to Edit a Live Shot

You can make live shot changes using the shot tab, or the pencil icon within a shot on the Showboard. When clicking on "shot info" in the Showboard the shot tab will pop up with the details of the shot. 
You can click on the "Edit" button within the thumbnail image, or the pencil icon at the bottom of the shot tab to change the layout or the content/presenters in the shot, then save it in real time.
During a Live show, you can also click on the pencil icon within a shot on the Showboard to bring up an "Edit Shot Layout" window.
You can quickly select the layout you want to use (keeping the same feeds / content in the shot), and then have the option to switch out the content of the shot with the Feeds and Media tabs, before clicking save shot and having the shot updated live.

Editing live shots in Showboard

Each Shot within the Showboard will have an ellipses menu in its top right corner, where you can access these editing options:


This will bring up the edit pop-up window, to edit the content that's in the shot, and change the layout of the shot.


Duplicate will create an exact copy of the current shot you're on (layout, content, shot notes), and set it as the next shot in the Showboard.


You can turn on Autoplay for the Shot, which will allow the shot to play through and then automatically cut to the next shot. A duration must be set for the shot to activate this. You can also deactivate Autoplay from this menu setting.


You can select Delete to delete the shot from the Showboard.




Activating Autoplay

When your Greenroom show is live, you can also activate Autoplay for different shots within your Showboard. Each shot within the Showboard will have an ellipse menu that you can click to activate Autoplay. By enabling Autoplay, you'll be telling Greenroom to automatically advance to the next shot in the Showboard, once the current shot duration has ended. To enable Autoplay, you'll need to make sure the shot has been set with a certain timed duration within the Shot Tab.


When Autoplay is activated and that shot is played, the next shot button will turn into "Autoplaying," indicating the current shot that's being autoplayed. 


If you decide you want to cancel Autoplay mid-shot, you can hover over the "Autoplaying" button to cancel the Autoplay feature, which will then bring back up the "Next Shot" button for the Producer to reference.