How to Edit Shots While Live

Greenroom has the ability to set up your shots in advance, but it's also possible to edit them while live. In this article, we'll show you how how to invite users, how to edit a Presenter's feed, plus how to do so in Showbuilder and in the shot tab.

Feeds Tab and Inviting Users

The feeds tab will contain all of the video feeds of yourself and fellow Presenters and Producers.
To invite Presenters to the Greenroom, click the button that has a person with a plus sign. You can also invite Presenters from within the feeds tab, where there will be a thumbnail that says "invite." Copying the Presenter link within the invite users list can also get your Presenter into the Greenroom, if that Presenter as already accessed the Greenroom and their email is listed under "Team." A Presenter’s email must be entered in to the invite field in order for them to gain entry to the room. Check out our article on Presenter and viewer invites to learn more.

Editing a Presenter's Feed

An individual’s Presenter feed will display their first and last name, as well as some small settings options, signified by two vertical dots. These two dots are microphone and video on/off toggles. You can mute/unmute the mic and turn on/off the camera for each Presenter individually, at any time.
Clicking a Presenter feed will then highlight them in red, indicating that the Presenter is selected to be a part of your shot composition. 
Once you have selected one or more Presenters for inclusion in a shot, below the Presenter thumbnails, you’ll find your layout options for pushing a shot live.
Within the layout shot options you will see the layouts available for you to use, a list of Presenters included in the shot with the video transfer speed of the Presenter, as well as the large red button to "Start Shot" or "Change Shot". This allows you to live switch Presenters into the canvas without using the Showboard.

Using Showbuilder

Greenroom's Showbuilder feature allows you to create your shots in advance, as well to organize them on a Showboard and set placeholders for your Presenters and media content. Even if a Presenter is not yet in the Greenroom, their avatar will be in place of the shot, before their feed becomes active within the Greenroom. Check out our article on Showbuilder to get an overview of the features available.
Once your Showboard has been completed with your whole event, you can then exit the Showbuilder to the Greenroom, where you'll be able to start the show and stream your Showboard content to your Brandlive destination.

Using the Shot Tab

You can also make live shot changes using the shot tab. When clicking on "shot info" in the Showboard of the shot you want to change, the shot tab will pop up with the details of the shot. 
You can click on the image of the shot itself in the Showboard or the pencil icon at the bottom of the shot tab to change the layout or the content/presenters in the shot, to then save it in real time.
Note: Be sure Presenters have a background picture uploaded in their profile, so there will be a backup visual in the event that a live video feed cannot be maintained.