Attendee Resource: Video Assistance

If you are experiencing issues watching an event, please take the following steps to troubleshoot:

    • Click play on the play button in the very lefthand corner of the video control bar.
    • Refresh or restart your browser or, try another browser on your computer. 
    • Try accessing the event from another computer, tablet or mobile phone.
    • Try connecting to another network (wifi, ethernet or mobile hotspot).
    • Check with your IT department to make sure you do not have a firewall blocking live video, or disconnect from your company's VPN.
    • If the video player is poor, select the Settings icon in the video control bar and select 480p or lower.


If you are experiencing issues hearing an event, please take the following steps to troubleshoot:

    • Please check that your computer's sound is unmuted and that the volume is turned up.
    • In the video control bar's lefthand side, you will see a volume icon. Make sure this is turned ON and not OFF (icon will have a slash through it).
    • Make sure your browser tab is unmuted by right-clicking and selecting "Unmute Site.""
    • Try plugging in or connecting wireless headphones to your computer.
    • Access your system preferences to make sure your audio output is selected to speakers or headphones.

For help with System and Internet Requirements or additional help, please visit our System Requirements page.

If none of these troubleshooting steps have resolved your issue, please either contact your Account Manager or email for assistance.