Manage video content with ease while providing an elegant and streamlined experience for your audience with Content Hubs.

Content Hubs provide a central location for webinars, demos, and product videos for clients and prospects to learn more about your offerings and make it easy for your internal team to access meetings, trainings, and more. 

Content Hubs feature on-demand video content and optionally, upcoming broadcast sessions. Admins can upload and order content based on Tracks and select which videos from each track to display. Read on to learn how!


Adding Content to a Hub 

You can create a Content Hub on a Landing, Home, Custom, or Agenda page of any of your sites. 

Open the Brandlive Admin Console and create a new site or select an existing site you wish to add a Hub to. 

Then, select which page of the site you will use for the Hub and toggle on the "Sessions & Content" module.

Note: If using the Agenda page, add your content to the Home page first.  


Then, hover over your Sessions & Content module and select the "+ Add session" button:


A new modal will appear to add a session. Select "On Demand" from the Session type dropdown. 


Then, add a new Track or select an existing one for your content. Tracks names will appear on the page to categorize your video content. If a session does not have a track assigned, it will appear on the page as "Uncategorized":


Finish adding your sessions. Add as many On-Demand sessions as you will have videos. Each session will contain one video on your Hub page.

Uploading Video Thumbnail Images

After adding sessions for all of your content, you can upload thumbnail images for each one. 

Simply hover over a session and select the photo icon that appears:


A modal will appear prompting you to upload your image:


Continue adding images for each session:


Customizing Session Visibility 

You can customize which sessions will be displayed in your Hub for each track including upcoming live broadcast sessions if you prefer. 

To do so, hover over the Sessions & Content module and select the pencil icon in the upper left-hand module menu:


From the popup, you can easily select which sessions will be shown on the published site. You can leave out as many as you’d like; rest assured that they will still exist in the Sitebuilder, but appear hidden to your attendees.


If you choose to include upcoming broadcast sessions, they will appear at the top of the page above your on-demand content:


Reordering Content 

To manage the order of on-demand content within each track, hover over the Sessions & Content module and select the reorder icon in the upper left-hand module menu:


From the popup, drag and drop the sessions into a custom order that best fits the needs of your project. You cannot re-order live content as there is a default order determined by air date and time.


Note: The above organizational features are only available as a part of the Calendar layout (the default first template selected).

Finalizing Your Content Hub

To finalize your Hub, you'll need to upload your on-demand content and finalize your session pages. View our article on editing your Session page settings here as well as our article on how to order and edit Session page content modules here. If it's your first time editing a Session page, we recommend viewing our Overview article too.

Be sure to hit the Publish button when you're done! 

Video Recap 

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