Take advantage of your event's lead generation while adhering to GDPR-compliant marketing standards. 

The Brandlive Platform offers options for single and double opt-in to marketing emails as well as a cookie banner notification to ensure your event meets GRPR requirements. Read on to learn how to enable these options. 


Enabling Single Opt-In 

To enable single opt-in within the event Sitebuilder, find the "Events" icon on the lefthand menu. Then, scroll down to the Event Options section where you will select "GDPR Privacy Settings." 


The second field will be a toggle for "Opt into marketing emails." If you would like to give your participants the option to opt in to your organization's marketing communications, slide the toggle on. Publish your page to save the changes.


On the attendee side, they will see a checkbox at the bottom of their registration with the standard verbiage:


If they check the box and opt into marketing emails, they are giving you permission to send them our in-platform marketing emails: event invitation, session reminder, session is live and replay reminder. If they do not check the box and opt out of marketing emails, they will still receive transactional emails such as registration confirmations and email verifications. For more information on the Platform's various email types, see this article.

Enabling Double Opt-In

For an extra level of privacy compliance, we also offer the attendees the option to confirm their opt in via email. To enable this feature in "GDPR Privacy Settings," first toggle on "Opt into marketing emails." Once that is toggled on, a second option labeled "Double opt-in" will appear. Slide the toggle on and publish to save your changes.


Attendees will then receive and email from info@brandlive asking them to confirm their subscription. Please note that in order to remain compliant, we cannot offer customization of this email.


When the attendee clicks "Yes, subscribe me to the list," they will be directed to their profile page that will indicate that they have opted in to marketing emails. The toggle's location on the attendee profile page also allows them to opt out whenever they choose.


Enabling Cookie Notification Banner

To enable the GDPR-compliant cookie opt-in banner on the landing and registration pages, go to the Event tab on the left-hand side navigation and scroll down to "GDPR Privacy Settings." Toggling on the first field, "Cookie Banner" will display the banner. Publish to save your changes.


It will appear to attendees on the landing and registration pages:



NOTE: Registrants must accept cookies before they can register. The registration fields will not be accessible until "OK, Got it" is selected.

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