Resource: What to Expect at a Brandlive Tech Check or Rehearsal

Greenroom​ is the platform through which your show is cast, produced, and recorded for on-demand, and ultimately, the place to conduct your virtual event.

You can think of it as your virtual “backstage.” In the world of virtual events and webcasting, making sure your set up, connection and audio/visual inputs are in order prior to your event is very important! 


Checking Your Tech

During a tech check your Brandlive Producer or Project Manager will go over the following elements of Greenroom:

  • Greenroom entry
  • Internet connection
  • Backdrop
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Overview of relevant Greenroom tools (Chat, etc).


Step One: Creating a Greenroom Account

You should receive a separate email inviting you to be a presenter in the Greenroom. It will come from "Greenroom" or and look something like this:


Please click the "Enter Greenroom" button in the email to access Greenroom, and create an account. For more information, check out this article.



Once you've created your account, you'll also be able to access Greenroom via the link, which will usually look something like this:


Step Two: Joining a Greenroom

When logging in for your tech check, please use the same laptop/desktop and wifi you'll use for the event and use the same email address you've provided to create your account/log in:

  • Complete the Personal Information fields outlining your name, title and location.


  • Allow access to your camera and microphone. If you are utilizing external devices, you will be able to locate and select your preferred device in the dropdown menus.
  • Verify your audio and video feeds.


  • A quick speed test to check the health of your internet connection.


Click Done and you are in! For a video walk-through of this process, check out this article.


Step Three: Shining on Camera

Now, your Brandlive Project Manager or Producer will walk you through the various relevant aspects of Greenroom to your show - for example, how to manage a slide deck, share your screen or upload a headshot for your avatar. They will also make sure you look and sound clear as a bell by advising on your background, lighting, as well as audio inputs and outputs. 

If you are rehearsing, your Producer will walk you through the Run of Show so you know what to expect come show day. 

For more tips on shining on camera, see our breakdown.


Best Practices

  • Google Chrome is the preferred Greenroom browser. If you are unable to use a Google Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge is also sufficient.
  • Please log in using a Desktop or Laptop. iPads and mobile devices are compatible with Greenroom but require the Greenroom iOS application which you can download here.
  • We recommend using a strong Wi-Fi connection or an Ethernet connection if available.
  • If you are having issues joining while on a company VPN, please disable this as Firewall settings may be blocking your access.
  • To maximize bandwidth and avoid interruption to the stream, we recommend quitting other apps, closing other tabs and silencing notifications.
  • Make sure your Airpods/headphones (if utilized) and computer are sufficiently charged.
  • Should your Wi-Fi for any reason drop, we recommend uploading a fallback headshot. This can be done by clicking on your initials in the top right corner of the Greenroom page > Edit Profile > Click camera Icon > Select asset from your desktop or click Use Camera to take a photo with your webcam > Click Use as avatar. *Greenroom accepts all standard file formats.
  • To maximize stream quality, please ensure the environment you are going live from is well lit and free from background noise.