How to: Create & Manage a Leaderboard

Gamify your webinars and track attendee engagement scores with the Leaderboard. 

The Leaderboard allows admins to track attendee engagement levels across their site and optionally display scores to attendees. Encourage attendees to engage with your content and make pursuing highly engaged leads easy for your sales team. Admins can assign point values to actions in-platform or upload points for actions taken outside of the webinar site. Read on to learn more! 

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Enabling the Leaderboard

To enable the Leaderboard, select the project for which you would like to enable the Leaderboard from the Brandlive Admin Console's Project Dashboard. 

Then, select the “Leaderboard” tab from the top navigation menu and toggle on to begin tracking your users actions. This will not yet make the Leaderboard visible to your attendees.

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Note: This will automatically turn on registration for your project as Leaderboard requires at least the collection of first and last name from your attendees.

Then, select “Edit project” in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Select “Social” from the side navigation, then click on “Leaderboard.”

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Once in the Leaderboard section, slide the toggle on. The page will display mock-data until at least one user has earned points. Once published, the Leaderboard page will display on your site’s side navigation.

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From this page, you can customize the filter and byline display options; the Leaderboard also has its own contained CSS that will not affect the wider project. 

Customizing Your Leaderboard

There are two ways to award points to attendees: In-platform actions or custom uploads. 

In-Platform Action Points: Attendees can earn points when they take a specific action on the project site.

Custom Upload Points: Attendees can earn points when they take action outside of the platform. Points are awarded by Admins via CSV upload.

Points can be managed in the Admin Console or within Sitebuilder.

In-Platform Points

In-platform points can be earned when users take one of three specific actions. Admins can enable or disable which actions will earn attendees points and determine the point value for each action.

Ways to earn points in-platform:

  1. Registering for the event or webinar

  2. Correctly answering quiz questions 

  3. Watching live or on-demand video content (site must utilize Brandlive video player)

Adding in-Platform Actions to Your Leaderboard Settings:

To use in-platform actions for the Leaderboard, open your project in the Admin Console and navigate to the Leaderboard tab. Select “Add Actions.”

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A pop-up will appear with the three options for in-platform point tracking - registration, quiz answers and minutes watched. From this modal, you can set the amount of points that will be awarded to an attendee for each action.

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Notes about in-platform points:

  • Users can only take a quiz once to earn points.

  • Users can only earn points for each minute of a video watched once, meaning an attendee can only earn the maximum number of points available for the session regardless of if it was watched live, via on demand or both. 

    • Example: If a session is 60 minutes long and users can earn 1 point per minute watched, users can only earn up to 60 points total for that session, regardless of how the content is consumed (all live, all on-demand, partially live and partially on-demand).

Custom Upload Points

Custom points can be configured via a CSV upload that is not tied to an in-platform action. Admins will download a template containing four fields:

  • Email: user email 

  • Action: what did they receive points for (displayed to attendee)

  • Points: number of points awarded for that action 

  • Track: Session track which allows users to sort the leaderboard by track 

Note: Admins can upload points for users that have not registered yet.

In the Project Details page (before opening the project in Sitebuilder), under “Custom Points Upload,” select  "Add.”

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A pop-up will appear that will allow you to upload your list of custom point actions. We strongly recommend downloading the custom point template so that the formatting is correct.


If at any time you need to edit your custom actions CSV, simply click “Edit List” to make changes.

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Note: Only Custom Points can be updated retroactively. If point values for in-platform actions are changed mid-webinar or after registration has opened, points will not be recalculated for users who have already been awarded points for that action.

Point Administration Notes 

  • Points are applied to single projects only. 

  • If a registration is removed from the project, the user’s points will still be displayed on the leaderboard.

  • The Leaderboard allows for custom styling via Custom CSS on the Leaderboard page settings in the Admin Console if desired.

  • The Leaderboard is currently only offered with the Apollo template.

Attendee Experience 

After participation in point-earning actions, attendees can head to the Leaderboard page on the side navigation menu to see how they measure up to their colleagues and/or fellow viewers. The Leaderboard will refresh frequently so attendees can see where they stack up!

Attendees can filter leadership rankings/score by track or by answers to Registration drop-down options such as state, country, pronouns, in-person vs. virtual attendance, etc.

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Attendees can access their personal point break down under their profile, located on the bottom left-hand corner of the side navigation.

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Reporting & Analytics

After your webinar or event is over, find a breakdown of your user's actions and points earned via the leaderboard by project.

From the Admin Console's lefthand side navigation, select Analytics.

Then, scroll passed the visual breakdown to the list of projects and select the projects you are targeting. 

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Then, select "Download Report" button in the upper righthand corner. A dropdown menu will appear. To exclusively download the leaderboard data, select "Custom report" from the menu.


From the popup modal that appears, deselect the other options until only "Leaderboard Report" is enabled. Controlling the date range to target specific dates is available if needed.


After clicking "Download," the report will become available to you as a CSV. Data will be broken out by user rows. Each native action enabled to the Leaderboard will have a corresponding column with a point count, followed by a final column that will aggregate total points earned for that user across all actions.