Showcase your Products and make it easy for attendees to "Buy Now"!

Products allow you to share individual item info, photos, and links to purchase to your products. With fully customizable text and the option to hide pricing, this section can also be used to link out to any type of item, not just products. 


Types of Products 

There are two types of Products: Channel level and Project level Products. 

Channel Level Products: Products that exist at the Channel level are essentially templates that are available to select when creating and editing sites. Channel level Products are managed and edited by Admins & Owners and function as a Product library. 

Project Level Products: Products at the project level are added to the site from the Channel level Product library OR are created from scratch on the site. When a Product is added to a site from the Channel level Products library, they can then be edited and customized on the project site without affecting the Channel level Product template

Creating a Channel Level Product 

To create a Channel level Product, open the Brandlive Admin Console, then select "Products" from the top menu.

Next, select "Add Product" in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 1.09.29 PM.png

Complete each field to customize the product to your liking - including up to 4 photos, a text summary, price, etc.
After clicking "Done," you will see that it saves with an "All Events" label. It is now a channel level product and can be used as is across multiple projects.


When a user adds a Channel level Product to a Project's site, the product can be edited at the Project level without affecting the Channel level template version of the Product. Want to use a Product created at the Project level across other projects? Jump to the section below!

Editing a Channel Level Product 

To edit a Channel level Product template, open the Product tab in the Admin Console and simply click on the Product you would like to edit.

If you would like to save the changes to the Channel level Product only (i.e. changes will apply to the Product when added to Event pages in the future), click "Done".

If you could like to apply the changes to all Events currently using that product, toggle on "Apply changes to all events using this product" located the bottom of the modal and click "Done."


Creating a Project Level Product

To create a Product on the Project level, open the project in Sitebuilder.

Then, navigate to a Landing, Home, or Session Page and locate a product module.

Click "+ Add Product" in the upper right hand corner of the module.

Screen Shot 2023-02-14 at 11.59.41 AM.jpg

A modal will appear where you can select "Create Product" to create a new product or edit existing products on the project level. 

You can then customize the product to your liking - including up to 4 photos, a text summary, price, etc.
Note: Creating a product at the Project level means it will not become a Channel level Product template that is available to use for all projects. However, it will appear to Admins & Owners in the Product tab of the Admin Console identified by a tag with the projects name instead the "All Events” tag. Admins & Owners can promote products created at the project level to a Channel level Product template. See section below for more information.

Promoting a Product to Channel Level 

If you would like to convert an Project level Product into a Channle level Product template, an Owner or Admin can promote the new Product to the Channel level to become available to all other projects in the Channel. Simply navigate to the product in question in the Product Manager, click the three dots and select "Promote."


A modal will pop up to be sure you want to promote this product. Select "Promote." The product will now be available to select for all projects in the channel.

Bypassing the Product Modal

The default state of the Product module is a pop-up, allowing the attendee to learn more about the item in question while remaining on the page. If you would like to link directly to an external site or other page within your project without the presence of the modal, you can edit your product and toggle on "Bypass item modal":


Other Product Settings

Other settings that are available to customize the Product module include: 

  • controlling whether selecting the CTA opens a new tab or redirects the user from the same tab
  • saving existing tracking parameters in an attendee's browser settings after opening a Product CTA; learn more about Brandlive and tracking parameters here.
  • adding Product attributes that allow for in-depth search functionality and further filtering abilities

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 1.06.23 PM.png

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