Welcome to Brandlive's Product Enablement Program

Learn everything you need to know about using the Brandlive Platform with our on-demand and live training sessions.

Brandlive’s training and enablement program is designed to create product proficiency through visual demonstrations of the platform experience for admins and attendees. We also provide recurring touch points as new features are released and maintain differentiated learning materials that ensure depth of product knowledge by all users.

Our content supports self-guided learning at your team’s convenience. Check out our robust library of on-demand videos in addition to attending our interactive live trainings by a product expert.

Video Overview

Enablement Journey Checklist

  1. Kickoff & Onboarding Calls with Brandlive Point of Contact (POC)
  2. Access Training Guides available in the Brandlive Help Center 
  3. Attend Live Training(s) Sessions featuring Q&A with a Brandlive Enablement Manager
  4. Enroll in the Brandlive Academy for on-demand learning curriculum 
  5. Utilize the Help Center & Support as needed following the training

Kickoff & Onboarding Calls with Brandlive POC

Our objective at Brandlive is to help you create the best shows possible, so we never shy away from applying our expertise and creative insight toward your specific project as we determine the best pathway to get your team there.

Your Brandlive POC will help to determine project deliverables and a workback calendar that sets your team up for success. If included in your contract, a Project Manager (PM) will serve as your source of information regarding your specific use case and will consult on best practices as they collaborate with your team through each event milestone.

Before starting your training journey, consult with your Brandlive POC to: 

  • Create your Brandlive account and access your Channel
  • Determine whether your use case will require site-build training, show-build training, or both
  • Define roles among your team (Brandlive Admins, Greenroom Producers, etc) to assign training curriculums 

Training Guides

These thorough training guides follow the basic feature topics and steps covered during long-form demos of the site or show the build process.  Please have it handy for additional context during live trainings or throughout your on-demand journey. Lastly, these outlines serve as your instruction manual when it’s time to get started on your own.

Note that the guides linked below will be updated on an ongoing basis as the platform evolves:

  • Site Build Guide 
    • Use this guide as a support for your initial site-building journey. Includes definitions as well as links to relevant Help Center articles. 
  • Show Build Guide 
    • Use this guide to train new Greenroom Producers with standard-level support. Includes definitions as well as links to relevant Help Center articles. 

Lastly, check out our What’s New Page for regular updates on exciting feature releases and improvements across the platform. 

Live Training

Our dedicated site for live training can be found here. Invite your team to join us for a site build session – as well as a show build session as needed. Each respective session will consist of a 40-minute training, followed by 20 minutes of live Q&A with our Brandlive Enablement Manager!

The Site Build training will provide the fundamentals of creating an event with Brandlive for any Brandlive admins or editors responsible for constructing the site. After watching, viewers will be able to build a simple event page. 

The Show Build training will provide the fundamentals of producing a show for Greenroom producers. After watching, producers will be able to build their Showboard, invite presenters, and stream to a Brandlive page.

Brandlive Academy 

Brandlive Academy is a self-guided series of prescribed learning tracks that will transcend you to an expert level in no time. Anyone can easily navigate their way through on-demand episodic training videos, and instructional guides, and test their knowledge of the curriculum. 

Available on Brandlive Academy 

  • Introduction to the Brandlive Platform
  • Topics covered in the Site Build Episodes:
    • Admin Console
    • Creating an Event
    • Page Types
    • Video Streaming
    • Attendee Interaction 
  • Topics covered in the Show Build Episodes:
    • Producer Setup 
    • Managing Assets
    • Show Branding 
    • Calling the Shots
    • Presenter Overview
    • Streaming from Greenroom 
  • Note that each episode also includes:
    • A video ranging from 5 minutes to 20 minutes in length
    • Quiz questions that correspond to each topic
    • Links to relevant help center articles 


Help Center & Support

Let us help you get started or find the information you need based on where you are in your site creation or show-build process.

Utilize the growing database of this Brandlive Help Center as each article takes a deep dive into specific feature information that serves as a searchable reference for real-time questions. 

If you are already working with us, your dedicated Brandlive Project Manager will be available to assist you during normal business hours. However, if you require immediate assistance or are not working with a Project Manager, please contact our support team by email at support@brandlive.com or by calling 866-532-2154. See customer support.

If you have questions regarding the training sessions or materials throughout your enablement journey, please contact Enablement@brandlive.com