Attendee Resource: Updating your Profile & Language

All event sites feature an attendee profile that allows you to update your display name, information, image, and language when available. 

Please note that language availability, profile image, and personal information fields depend on the event organizer and may vary from the example below. 

Update Profile & Language 

1. Select the circle containing your initials located at the bottom of the lefthand side navigation menu:


2. If there are other languages available, select 'English' from the menu that appears. Then, select a new language from the languages available. 


Once complete, simply click anywhere on the page to close the menu.

3. To edit your display name and profile information, select 'See your profile'.  Then, click 'Edit':


A new modal will open allowing you to edit your profile fields:


Once complete, click 'Save'.

The name you enter in your profile is the one that will be displayed when chatting, asking questions, messaging, or joining breakout rooms. 


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