Maximize audience engagement with interactive surveys and quizzes. 

The Surveys modules allows Admins and Site builders to create custom surveys and quizzes designed to increase audience engagement. Gather additional data from your audience, create fun quizzes, or ask questions as part of a live presentation - the possibilities are endless. 


Adding a Survey or Quiz to your Home Page

Surveys & quizzes can be added to Home or Session pages. Quizzes are an option within the Survey module, so these steps will take you through adding a Survey module to your pages.

To add a Survey module to your Home page, navigate to the Home page of your project in the Sitebuilder tool and toggle on 'Surveys' from the module menu. 

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 11.54.18 AM.png

Click '+Add Survey' in the module editor to begin the survey creation or addition process.

Adding a Survey or Quiz to your Session Page

To add a survey or quiz to your Session page, open your session and toggle 'Surveys' on in the lefthand page menu:


Creating Surveys

To create a new survey, select the '+ Add Survey' button in the site preview on your Home or Session page. 

A new modal will appear where you can:

  • select an existing survey to add to your page 
  • create a new survey


To begin, select 'Create Survey'. A new modal will appear:


Enter a title for your survey to be displayed on the session page. Then, enter a description. 

Next, determine if users will be able to retake the survey and whether results will be displayed. 

Then, click 'Next'.

A new modal will appear to begin adding your survey questions. Select the '+ Add Question' button to add a new question. 

Then, click on the pencil icon to edit it:


Next, select the type of question you would like to ask (text field, select one, select multiple): 


For multiple choice questions, select the 'Add option' button to add your answer options. 


When complete, select 'Save Question'.

Then, continue to add all survey questions. When the survey is complete, click 'Create Survey':


Your new survey will now appear in the list to select and add to your page:


Once added, the survey will appear in the preview window when the Survey module is toggled on. 


Creating Quizzes

To create a quiz, select the '+ Add Survey' in the site preview on your Home or Session page for the Survey module. 

A new modal will appear where you can:

  • select an existing survey to add to your page 
  • create a new survey


To begin, select 'Create Survey'. A new modal will appear:


Enter a title for your quiz to be displayed on the session page. Then, enter a description. 

Next, toggle on "Enable Quiz". This will enable correct and incorrect answers to your questions. Turning on the quiz feature will automatically disable the show results option. 

To enable attendees to re-take a quiz, toggle on "Allow viewers to retake a survey".

Note: If you are utilizing the Leaderboard feature, attendees will only be able to earn points once for each correctly answered question, no matter how many times they retake it. For example, a quiz containing 5 questions worth one point each would only be worth 5 total points on the leaderboard. 

Click 'Next' to begin creating your quiz questions. 


Type your first quiz question into the 'Question' field. 

Next, add answer options by typing into the option field and pressing the enter key. You can rearrange answer options by selecting and dragging. 

Then, you must select a correct answer by checking the box. There may only be one correct answer. Once complete, click 'Done'.

Enter any additional quiz questions.


Lastly, enter the number of questions attendees must answer correct to pass the quiz. 

When complete, click 'Create Quiz'.


Then, select your quiz from the list and click 'Add'.

Editing or Deleting Surveys & Quizzes

To edit or delete a survey or quiz, hover over the survey module and select the pencil icon that appears.This will populate the survey modal.

Use the checkboxes to add or remove surveys and quizzes from the page or use the pencil icons on each survey or quiz to edit your questions. 


Attendee Experience 

Attendees can access surveys and quizzes after logging into your webinar or on the Home or Session pages. 

When an attendee encounters a survey, they will be able to: 

  • Expand or collapse the survey or quiz to see one question at a time or all questions at once 
  • Complete the survey or quiz
  • Retake the survey (if toggled on) 
  • View other attendee responses (if toggle on) 


If the "Show results to the users" is toggled on, attendees will see the audience results at that point in time for the survey in the form of bar graphs and percentages for multiple choice questions. 


If this toggle is off, users will only see their selected answer grayed out when they click 'Submit'.



Attendees who complete quizzes will see the correct and incorrect answers to the question they've completed:



Once an attendee completes the quiz, they will find out if they passed or did not pass the quiz based on the quiz score set by the administrator. 

Passed quiz message:


Did not pass quiz message:


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