How to: Create, Edit, and Send Emails

Increase event attendance and engagement with in-platform emails. 

Reach registered and prospective attendees directly through branded, customizable emails. Invite attendees to register, remind attendees of upcoming sessions, and let attendees know when a session is available for on-demand viewing - all without leaving the platform. Schedule emails ahead of time for complete peace of mind while your event is live. 

First time using Emails? Check out our Feature Overview article here

Overview Video

Navigating the Emails Panel 

To access the Emails panel, open your event in Sitebuilder and select 'Emails' from the lefthand navigation menu. 


If confirmation emails are turned on, you will see your registration confirmation email populate. 

From this panel, Admins & Site builders can:

  • Create a new email by selecting the '+ Add new' button
  • Edit existing emails by selecting the pencil icon
  • Edit, create, or a select a new color palette 
  • Hide the Brandlive logo 
  • View and edit scheduled emails 
  • View previously sent emails 
  • Toggle between languages to edit each email 

Creating & Scheduling Emails 

Admins and Site builders can create and schedule invitation and reminder emails. Confirmation emails are pre-populated by the platform and are only sent when an attendee registers. Skip to the next section to learn more about editing emails. 

Invitation Emails 

Invitation emails are sent to users who have not yet registered for your event based on a pre-uploaded Audience List. The subject line for your invitation email will display as: "You’ve been invited to Your Event Title Here".

To create an invitation email, select the '+ Add new' button at the top of the panel.

A new modal will appear. Select 'Event invitation' from the first dropdown field under 'Schedule Email Type':


Then, select the Audience List you would like to send the invitation to. 

Select the date, time, and language your email will be sent in. Invitation emails can only be sent in one language at a time as the user will not yet have selected a language in-platform.

Then, determine if you would like the date and time of the event listed in the email. The email will pull the date and time of your first session. You can manually enter this information in the description field as well. 

Then, determine if you would like the email to display 'Add to Calendar' options. The platform offers iCal, Google, and Outlook calendar invitations. 

Next, click Save. 

Your new invitation email will now appear in the lefthand menu under 'Active emails'.


You may edit or delete your email at any time before it is scheduled to send. 

Reminder Emails

There are three types of reminder emails: 

  • Session reminder: Send a reminder to registrants before the event goes live
  • Session is live: Notify registrants the event is live
  • Session has ended: Notify registrants the event has ended, and drive them towards the on-demand content

Each email is similar and varies only by subject line:

Session reminder: Your Event Title Here is live soon 

Session is live: Your Event Title Here is live 

Session has ended: Your Event Title Here is available for replay

To create a reminder email, select the '+ Add new' button and select one of the reminder emails from the 'Schedule Email Type' dropdown menu:


Then, select the session you would like to send a reminder for.  If you are reminding attendees about your entire event, select the first session on your agenda. 

If your event is gated, only attendees with access to that session you select will receive your reminder email.

Once you've selected a session, select the date and time the email will send in as well as your display settings. 

Then, click save. 

Your new reminder email will now appear in the lefthand menu under 'Active emails'.


Customizing Email Content 

To customize any email, including the confirmation email, simply select the email from the menu and click into the preview window fields to begin editing text. 

To edit the image in your email, hover over it and select the image icon that appears. You will be prompted to upload a new image. 

To edit the text of your CTA button, hover over it and select the pencil icon that appears. 

To edit the background color, container color, button color, and button text color, utilize the email color palette. 


Canceling or Editing Scheduled Emails

To edit your email settings or fully cancel your email, select the three dots in the top right hand corner of the desired email. 

Then, click 'Edit' to bring up the scheduling window. 

Click 'Delete' to delete your email.