How to: Configure Outbound Registration with Marketo

Track referral sources, lead generation, conversation rates, and more with native integration options.

Brandlive’s Marketo integration enables Admins to map and send Brandlive registration data to a Marketo instance. With this integration, you can pass along any attendee data that is collected from your event registration form. Brandlive will filter out any unused fields created within your Brandlive integration instance to ensure previously collected data is not written over. You can also elect to add any generated leads to Marketo campaigns or programs via the Brandlive Platform's Integration hub.

Preparing to Configure the Integration

Before configuring your integration, ensure that you have the proper permissions on Brandlive (Administrator) and Marketo.

During the setup process you will be asked to provide the following authentication information:

  • API Endpoint Domain
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

You will need to copy the field mappings from Marketo into your Brandlive Integration configuration form in order to be able to pass registration data into Marketo. Learn more about registration field mapping in Marketo’s Help Center  here. Please note, you must use the "REST" API Names while mapping the fields within your Brandlive integration.

Configuring the Marketo Integration

The Marketo integration can be set up channel-wide (default setting) or for specific event groups.

To configure your integration, navigate to the gear icon in the bottom left corner of your Brandlive Admin dashboard. Then, select 'Integrations' from the menu:


From the Integrations page, select the '+ Add' button:


A new modal will appear. Select "Marketo" from the list and click 'Next':


Next, a configuration form will appear. 


Complete each field using the guide below. 

  • Integration Name - A unique identifier for this integration within Brandlive. This name will be seen by all users in your channel with visibility of this integration.
  • API Endpoint - This multi-choice option indicates how you will be passing leads through to Marketo. 'Create Lead' will create a new record if one does not exist and skip if it does not. 'Create or Update Lead' will create a new record if one does not exist and overwrite existing information if the record does exist.
  • Event Identification - This is an optional way to title your mapped fields when being passed through to Marketo. This field is particularly useful if you want to collect registrations for multiple events without creating multiple integrations.   

  • Field Mapping - This two column section maps Brandlive registration questions through to the assigned Marketo key. Select from event specific and global, channel level registration questions. Admin can add up to 50 rows.
  • UTM Parameters - Similar to the registration field section, this maps parameter keys or hidden fields passed through the Brandlive URL through to the assigned Marketo key. Users can add up to 50 rows.

Once configured, fields can be edited or added to at any time. To save your configuration, click 'Next'.

Then, choose your associated Event Groups. If you do not have any Event Groups selected, the Brandlive integration panel will add the integration to all current and future events by default.


After selecting your event groups, click 'Next'.

A new page will open to authenticate the connection. Select "New Authentication". 


A modal will appear to complete three fields:

  • API Endpoint Domain
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret


Once you have created the authentication, click 'Finish' and navigate back to your Brandlive integrations panel. 

Toggle on your integration at the Channel-Level to activate the integration for all selected Events/Groups:


Finally, toggle on your Integration at the Event-level in the Event Details screen to complete your Integration setup:


Adding a Lead to a Marketo Program

Adding a lead to a Marketo program functions similarly to a standard outbound registration configuration, with a few caveats. 

1. Reach out to your Brandlive Account Manager or CSM to activate this option on your account.

2. Navigate to the channel level Integrations hub by selecting "Settings" from the top navigation, then selecting "Integrations" from the side panel options. 

3. Select the "+Add" button in the top right corner of the page, then Marketo from the pop-up modal.

4. In the modal that appears, from the "Integration Type" field, select "Marketo Create or Update Lead + Add to Program".

5. Then, set the static fields to 

  • MarketoStatus - as this field likely will not change from project to project
  • If no status is filled out in the integration configuration, we will default to "Filled-out Form".

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 11.27.04 AM.png

6. Now, head to the Projects dashboard and select the project you intend on connecting. From the Project Details screen, choose the Integrations tab. Then, click on the Marketo Registration Integration tile. 

7. From the popup that appears, set the static field's key to:

  • MarketoProgramID - the value will change from project to project.

8. Click Next and continue with the steps from the above section.

Editing or Deleting a Marketo Integration 

To edit a Marketo Integration, navigate to your integrations panel and click edit.


You can then update your fields or delete the integration.

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