Use a third party registration system to integrate registration with Brandlive's passcode lists.  

Webhooks enable Admins to create a connection to their third party registration system by utilizing attendee email addresses to create a passcode list in the Brandlive platform.

Third party registration systems can sometimes allow you to control the payload type and formatting of your data that you are posting to Brandlive’s webhook. If your registration system allows you to control these parameters here are Brandlive’s requirements for passing data into a Passcode list:

  • Payload Type: Form or Raw JSON

  • Data formatting: “email” as the key and the actual email address string as the value


"method": "post",
"path": "/",
"body": {
"email": ""

Important note on formatting: If you do not know what Payload type is being used, it is likely RAW JSON. When using the “Form” payload type you may send Brandlive more data than the “email” key/value and we will be able to automatically sort the data to your passcode list. If using the “Raw JSON” payload type then there will be a few extra steps to get setup that we will discuss later in this article.

How to configure the Brandlive Webhook:

  1. Navigate to the gear icon in the lower left corner; Select Integrations from the flyout panel.

  2. Select “Inbound,” locate the Passcode integration tile, and click “Configure.”

  3. Choose which Passcode list that you would like to connect to your inbound webhook integration tile

  4. This will open a tab with the Webhook URL. This is what you will plug into your 3rd party app in order the passcode list to receive registrant email addresses.



That's it!

If you are using the Form Payload type and the email address is labeled as “email”, once you plug in your Webhook URL into the 3rd party system you should start seeing the email addresses of your registrants flowing into your passcode list in real-time. If you are using the Raw JSON payload type you will need to work with your Brandlive rep to complete the following steps:

  1. Brandlive will create a new webhook tile for you that will show up next to your existing Inbound webhook integration tile. Please provide the name that you would like displayed on your tile.

  2. Follow the above steps to configure and attach your webhook to an existing passcode list

  3. Post data the newly created webhook URL from your 3rd party system

  4. Brandlive will then reformat the data for you to be compatible with our system