Host custom VIP content or securely segment your audience with custom page gating.

Custom pages offer endless creative options for hosting content to support your event or organization. Learn how to gate your content for specific audience groups below. 

Looking for more information about Custom pages? Check out our overview article here

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Creating Custom Page Gating 

To gate a custom page, open your event in Brandlive's Sitebuilder and select 'Registration' from the lefthand navigation menu. Then choose "Gating" and toggle on "Custom Page Gating." Note: You must create your Custom pages first. This option not appear unless you have already created your custom page(s).

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Then, a modal will appear to select your gating requirements. 


Select the page you wish to gate. 

Then, select an Audience List to connect, apply your changes, and publish the page. 

If you have not already uploaded a list, follow the steps in our Registration Gating article here

Editing Custom Page Gating 

To edit your page gating settings or to remove gating, navigate to the Custom pages' gating section of Registration and select the three dots:

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From here, you can edit or delete your gating requirements. 

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