Get creative with your content for maximum attendee engagement.

Custom pages offer endless creative options for hosting content to support your event or organization. Custom pages are displayed in the main navigation menu along with the Home and Session pages and can be fully gated for specific audiences. Learn how to create and edit them below. 

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Creating a Custom Page

To create a custom page, open your project in the Brandlive Sitebuilder and select 'Pages' from the lefthand menu. 

Then, select "+ Add" in the top right hand corner of the side panel and "Custom" from the dropdown:

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A modal will appear to add your new page. 

Select an icon and enter your page name.

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Click Save. 

Your new page will appear in the page navigation menu. 

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The URL for any custom page is automatically defined by the page name; for example: This cannot be edited. If you change the page name, please note that the URL will remain the original name of the custom page.

To upload a custom page icon, view our navigation customization article here

Editing Custom Page Content

Custom pages allow you to add content modules by selecting the 'Add' button that appears:


A modal will appear to make your selection:


Once you've added a content module, you can add additional modules by selecting the '+ Custom Section' button.

To edit your module layout, select the pencil icon that appears when hovering over the page in the page navigation menu:

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 5.04.15 PM.png

To edit content within each module:

  • To edit text, click into each text field
  • To edit the background color, hover over each module and select the paint brush icon
  • To edit an image, hover over the image and select the image icon that appears

For more information about editing content modules, see how articles on editing Session page content modules here

Editing a Custom Page Title and Icon

To edit your Custom page title after creation, open your custom page and click on the page's "Settings" tab. Then click the pencil icon next to the custom page's existing name: 

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 A new modal will modal will appear to edit the icon and page name. 

Deleting a Custom Page

To fully delete a Custom page (as opposed to toggling it off), open your custom page and click on the page's "Settings" tab. Then click the Delete button:

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A popup modal will appear. Select "Delete" and confirm your selection. 

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